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RTE Originates from the Land of Bikers, Boaters and Blue Hairs

Lake County, Florida

Written By S. M Natalegods waiting room 2

Ah Lake County, God’s waiting room. Well that’s what I call it. To others it is referred to as the Snowbird Capital of the State to others names we won’t use right now (maybe later). The County in its history has a list of AKA’s, the Citrus Capitol, the Fishing Capitol, Golf Capitol, Geezer Capitol, hell at least we’re recognized. We didn’t used to be.

For those of you that have never heard of little old Lake County, which I’m sure are a multitude, multiplied by a factor of any value you choose, it is located almost dead center of the State of Sun & Fun. In any direction you travel from here there are great places to go, Disney World, Daytona, Tampa/St Pete and the Ocala National Forest. All of these make Lake County a great place to live; if you want to visit somewhere else, but we have our own slices of sunshine right here, so we don’t leave often.

Firstly and the crown jewel of the County is the 76,000 acre Harris Chain of Lakes, if you are a bass fisherman I know you’ve heard of them. The Chain is one of the places the “Big Boys” of the B.A.S.S trail come to play each year as covered on ESPN. They only come once about every two years, we fish year round.

Beyond fishing this is a boater’s paradise, featuring the Dora Canal and a wealth of Lakeside and waterfront businesses anxious to serve you just about any type of fare, from cold beer and hot dogs to fine dining accompanied by wine goblets glistening under perfect sunsets.

For those of the motorcycle persuasion, some of Lake County’ roadways, like the curve filled Highway 561, are the very best in thebikefest State to ride. The view from atop Sugar Loaf Mountain, one of the highest elevations in the Central Florida area, is breathtaking. Almost every ride has a really cool watering hole along the route. The Annual Leesburg Bikefest is one of the largest in the State drawing hundreds of thousands and surpassing Daytona as the state’s best and may one day even surpass Sturgis.

You want golf, hunting, hiking, biking; in Lake County we have it all and sooner or later we’ll be writing about it.

From Rednecks to Retirees, Sophisticates to the Sophomoric, Bikers, Boaters and Blue Hairs, and more are welcome.

Join Us, it’s a slice of Florida you never heard of.






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